Monday, January 25, 2010

Conan's Farewell

I'm back...kind of. Two things have been keeping me away from the blog--time and not having much to say. The little time I've had for writing these days I've dedicated to working on my new novel. When I started this blog, I had envisioned it as a place to chronicle my experiences in the writing business, but not much business has been happening while I've been raising my twin daughters. In the fall, they will start school full-time and I hope to get back into the game. In the meantime, I'll post here and there when the mood strikes...

...And something did strike me last week as I was watching Conan O'Brien's last appearance as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW. As many of you know, NBC's handling of the late night show situation was deplorable, and yet Conan's farewell speech was classy and gracious. If you haven't seen it, take a moment to check it out. Conan's speech is a perfect lesson in professionalism.