Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back (Sort of)

My twin daughters have just started full-time kindergarten which means that finally, finally, I have time to write again. And it feels great. I've just crossed the 100-page threshold of my new novel which is a milestone for me, although it is only a first draft and there are still many pages to go. So far, I'm loving my characters. The plot is still eluding me at this point, but with every session I feel it getting closer.

So I'm back at the blog, but probably in a more limited way than before. Even though I have a lot of hours to myself now, I have no trouble filling the time. I'm more inclined these days to work on the novel rather than the blog, so my posts will be shorter than they used to be. Instead of writing essays about the creative process, my posts will be more in the realm of updates about my writing and showing you things that inspire me.

Speaking of inspiration, did you catch Kanye West on Saturday Night Live this weekend? Say what you will about his behavior, Kanye knows how to make his performances visually exciting. He continues to try new things--sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but he keeps trying nonetheless....the mark of a true artist.

I found Saturday night's performance utterly riveting. See if you agree with me.

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