Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Signing in the Waldenbooks

Today's going to be a great writing day, I can feel it--provided I can keep my face out of that pot of pumpkin butter I've got simmering on the stove. It will be a challenge.

For all of you aspiring writers who wonder what it's like to go out on your first book tour, I have a treat for you. This summer, my good friend Pat sent me a link to this video made by mystery writer Parnell Hall about his first book tour and it is an absolute riot. Mr. Hall nails the experience--I felt like I was reliving the torture of my book tour....especially the line about John Grisham (which you will understand fully if you visit both links in the post). For those of you who missed my post about my own tour, you can experience all the glory here.

It's so nice to be able to laugh about it now...If you'll excuse me, I need some pumpkin butter.

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